Manual for Mr. Nilsson's books for kids

Interactive Audio Picture books for Android™


When you open the application, a list of available books in the language of your choice is displayed.

Press the book icon to the left of the book name to read the back of the book.

Download the book you are interested in by clicking Download.

While the book is downloaded a progressbar displays. It is possible to do other stuff with you device during download. If you do you will be notifified when the book has been downloaded.

When the book is completely downloaded, click the name of the book. On the page displayed you can select to Read sample of buy the book.

Press Read sample to read an excerpt of the book.

To read the book

The book will then open on the first page. If you hold the phone or tablet vertically you will only see one page at a time, in horizontal mode there will be two pages at the same time.

Drag with your finger over the page and the edge will roll upp and attach to your finger in a similar way as a real book page would. When you have passed the middle of the page with your finger, you can release and voila! you have turned to the next page.

Turn page

In case your device only shows one page at a time, drag left with your finger to scroll to the right page . When right page is shown you can turn page.

In a similar way you can browse the book backwards. You just drag the opposite direction.

While reading the sample only a short excerpt of the book can be accessed, for example 8 pages. This is for the reader to be able to decide whether to purchase the book. If you want to buy the book, press the Back-button.

Purchase a book

In the page in the app that shows bookinformation you can purchase the book. You then gain access to all the pages of the book in this app. If you buy the book you have forever digital access to it.To purchase the book press the Buy-button and follow the standard Google purchase procedure.

When Google has informed the app (normally directly after the purchase) that the purchase has been finished we thank you for your support and the button Read sample changes to Read. You can then read all the pages of the book.

When you have bought at least one book there will no longer be ads.

Show Purchase information

Information about your purchases can be found using the menu button on the page showing book information. Here you can find the purchase date, units and languages.

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