Manual for Relax Eyes Whistle

Eye activation for Android™


Use the On/Off button to activate/deactivate the whistle. This setting is applied directly and takes precedence over other settings.

Using the Pause signal every (min) setting you can change the interval in minutes for pause signals. Scientists recommends a break at least every 20th minute for the ciliary muscle to last longer.

Pause duration (s) is the time in seconds to rest your eye when signaled. Scientists recommends 20 seconds minimum for the ciliary muscle to last longer.

If you have activated Use vibration the whistle will vibrate instead of making a sound when in silent mode or if you are talking in your phone.

Using the Allow screen time only between you can automatically activate/deactivate the whistle during working hours. Set an activation time from and to with the buttons. This interval is only used when the whistle is on. Make sure to add a widget for your screen for optimal usage. If the setting is not displayed you need to scroll downwards.


Using the widget you can quickly control the whistle. A click changes on/off. It also informs pause status by using different appearances. When the whistle has turned off automatically using the time schedule you press once to reactivate, once again to deactivate and a third time if you want to resume scheduled mode. A green widget means that the tool is active and signals regularly to protect your eyes. A red widget indicates that you need to take a break.

Different widget appearances and meaning:

Resting cat Relax eyes tool has been deactivated. No signaling will occur until activated.

Active cat Relax eyes tool is activated. The whistle will signal eye pause every 20th minute. When the break is over you will get a go-ahead signal.

Meowing cat Relax eyes tool is signaling pause. When this widget is displayed it is time to take a break and you should avoid looking at the screen until you get the go-ahead signal. The appearance goes back to normal when the pause has elapsed.

Sleepy cat Relax eyes tool informs that todays screen time has elapsed. Take the opportunity to rest your eyes until next day. The whistle is reactivated automatically at the given time. You can temporarily activate the whistle by clicking this widget. Temporary activation is useful if you work outside your normal hours.

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