Manual for Seasonal Fruit

Nutritious fruits using Android™


When you start the app a list of fruits and berries, currently in season, will be displayed.

Every row displays a fruit. If there is an up-arrow in front of the fruit it means that any time now the fruit will ripen. A doww-arrow in front of the fruit means that the season for that fruit is soon over.

Fruit soon ripening

Click the fruit to see the image clearer och read more info. You can also tap and hold the line to see the menu. Using the menu you can directly search for more information about the fruit on the internet.

At the bottom of the screen there are three buttons: Earlier,Now,Later. If you press the Now-button the app will present today's ripe fruits. Since the season varies slightly with the weather year by year, the other two buttons are there.

The Earlier-button will cause the app to display fruits that ripe a little earlier, a little earlier for every press on the button. The opposite applies for the Later-button. Every press on Later will display fruits that ripen even later in the season.

A single press on Now restores the list to the fruits currently in season right now.

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